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Brace For Contact

The Latest in the TREX series

Leaving is easy…

As one of the best agents in the SBI’s Seattle Narc Unit, it’s Norman “Nash” Ashford’s job to remove the drugs destroying his city. Even with his talent at tracking, he’s never been able to find the one that got away—the brightest star to have ever blinded him. Nash has been trying to track her down ever since she walked away half a decade ago.

Coming back is another story.

TREX Cadet Michaela “Mike” Starr is pulled from training on a matter of national security. Her ex has intel vital to the success of a mission and is refusing to cooperate, so the agency sends her in to persuade him to divulge his source. The man she ran away from is now her target.

Mike discovers the disturbing reason Nash won’t talk and must choose a side—one will fail the mission, the other will destroy the man she’s never stopped loving. When TREX uncovers intel that puts the agents in danger, the agency doesn’t hesitate to bring in the big guns to help track the threats against them, making her decision impossible.

To survive, Mike and Nash must work together to overcome their past, all while trying not to make the same mistakes. Instead, they make all new ones. Will they get it right this time?

Some bridges are made to cross. Others are made to burn.

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